New Canadian global roots/ 'world,' Czech and Yiddish music. Described by some as 'folk art jazz.'

Shaped by the rich, intercultural Toronto soundscapes.

“Breathtakingly beautiful” (Moors Magazine, The Netherlands)

 "A haunting set of musical gems" (The Bangkok Post, THIEVES of DREAMS)

“…upliftingly beautiful music... prodigiously-gifted Canadian musician ... has emerged as one of the most fascinating and compelling composers   (Raul da Gama, World Music Report, MASARYK review)

Dear visitor, welcome. Čeští přátelé, zaměřte sem: česky! a sem: Zloději snů.

I am so grateful. Thieves of Dreams has won the 2023 JUNO Award for Global Music Album of the Year, and is nominated for TWO Canadian Folk Music Awards! It placed well on 2022 charts and lists in Canada, the U.S. and World Music Charts Europe. The album was honoured with several CBC Radio features, including the Q and the Current, articles in the mainstream press, CBC TV interview...  I am thrilled that my latest project speaks to people - even though it's in Czech! (Pls see below for a free download of the lovely booklet with translations).  I never dreamt my grandma's Terezin poems could garner such interest! What a great gift descended upon me. See a complete list of reviews, listen and read everythig about it  here. Or, learn about it in this brief EPK video by Daniel Rosenberg. Watch the videos on the right, both songs from Thieves; there are more videos of Thieves' songs here. I'll be thankful if you subscribe to my YouTube channel

Hereby, I acknowledge the crucial and very generous support I received from the Canadian Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council, to create this project through the pandemic years.

On this site, you will also find audio samples and info about my many projects stemming from my multiple identities (in Czech, Yiddish, Hebrew, English). Please click on the tab PROJECTS to see the many options there. 

Thanks again for visiting! I hope you find something that will resonate - or even make your day sweeter. If so, please, drop me a line here.

With love, 



IMPORTANT: The album Thieves of Dreams is in Czech! You need translations. View/ download the free 'Thieves of Dreams' BOOKLET here:

28-page BOOKLET for Thieves of Dreams Includes Introductory word, translations and original art by Milli Janatkova. 4.53 MB
Album 6-panel sleeve Includes all credits 2.06 MB

latest Yiddish album: Yiddish Journey

Now available on iTunes

Now available on iTunes

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