Previous events


Stratford Summer Music Festival

Music Barge, Stratford, Ontario

with: Alan Hetherington, Ravi Naimpally and Geoff Young. World music - songs from "Fray" (2010) and the upcoming
"Fray 2" (2012)



Jazz festival U reky ve Tremosne


World music concert with David Doruzka, Petr Dvorsky, Bharata Rajnosek and Tomas Reindl.


Songs for the Breathing Walls

Jeruzalemska synagoga, Prague

Celebration of Songs for the Breathing Walls project- Volume I. Multi-media event with:
Yair Dalal, Christian Dawid, David Doruzka, and Tomas Reindl, special guest -Peter Gyori.


Honeycomb Way: Musical Journey into the Sacred. With Frank London and Yair Dalal

St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 27 Front St E, Toronto, Ontario 

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Lenka Lichtenberg & Roula Said: Bridges. Concert and CD launch

Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Ave. @ Bloor, Toronto, Ontario

Ticket information:

Phone: 416-924-6211 ext. 0
In Person: Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Ave. Information Desk
Phone and In Person Sales are from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
On-line Sales are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On-line sales will be terminated 2 hours before show time (5:30pm on Mar. 5, 2012)

$20 general admission, $50 patron