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Embrace USA Tour 2015

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U.S. Tour, see details

Minneapolis, Cedar Rapids, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Olympia, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Burlington (Iowa)


Yair Dalal & Lenka Lichtenberg - Lullabies from Exile Canadian Tour

Beth Isaiah Synagogue, Guelph, Ontario

Yair Dalal - oud, violin, voice Lenka Lichtenberg - voice, harmonium, guitar Alan Hetherington - percussion Chris Gartner - bass

JAZZ.FM91 World Music Series Finale concert

Hugh's Room, Toronto

Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray. To be recorded for broadcast on Jazz FM 91. Tickets and dinner contest is on! See home page for details.


Lenka Lichtenberg & Yair Dalal feat. Alan Bern: Lullabies from Exile

Jeruzalemska synagoga, Prague, Czech Republic

European launch of project Lullabies from Exile. Featuring: Lenka Lichtenberg - voice, guitar, piano, harmonium Yair Dalal - oud, violin, voice Alan Bern - accordion, piano Tomas Reindl - percussion, didjeridoo David Doruzka - guitar Mile Anklewicz - clarinet